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Reasons to shift from shared server to a cheap dedicated server

What are the benefits of a cheap dedicated server?

A cheap dedicated server has now become a preliminary need of every established and expanding business. To know more about the solution, follow the detailed guide and learn the uses and benefits.

To maintain your online presence and become competitive, business owners tend to discover several innovative ways to get an edge on the big competition. To gain this edge, smart business owners find the ideas, and this usually begins with starting a website that can help support all kinds of customers’ needs. This ultimately starts with your web hosting services and a decision of choosing whether to consider a shared or a dedicated server. The email shop highlights the importance of choosing a dedicated server for your business needs so you can easily overcome the difficulties that may create a hurdle on the way of success.

cheap dedicated server

Though, there could be a lot more reasons to choose a dedicated server; let’s understand the major ones for more optimal results.

Cheap dedicated server: an overview

A cheap dedicated server is an ideal option for people looking to expand their business and wants to shift from shared hosting. Because dedicated server hosting provides an option to run your site on an entire server dedicated specifically to your website needs. Let’s proceed further to know what is dedicated web hosting.

Cheap dedicated server hosting:

Dedicated web hosting is basically a service offered by many web hosting companies that allow people to rent out a complete dedicated server for their website needs. Considering a dedicated web hosting is best if your website is growing, or if you have some high-traffic site, and you are looking for a great dedicated bandwidth source.

Benefits of cheap dedicated hosting:

Let’s look at the top reasons to choose cheap dedicated server hosting and learn what the best option for your business needs is.

  • Private and managed communication:

One of the major reasons to shift from a shared server to a cheap dedicated server is its efficient ability to deliver private emails. This adds great security to your business communications which eventually protect you from scammers or hackers from affecting the computers of a company.

Once you connect the company’s devices to the dedicated server, they usually cut out the internet as a middleman and then exchange the conversations directly. There would be just fewer ports open to attack from spammers, and the time it takes to deliver messages will be automatically reduced.

  • Virtual private network:

VPN’s or virtual private networks are usually considered as the secure networks that are quite efficient for connecting devices directly, securely and quickly. VPNs can automatically connect some particular internal devices, and also serve the purpose of cutting out the need to using the internet. You only need to make sure that your devices are connected, it would eventually reduce the probability of cyber-attacks.

  • Data syncing solutions:

Dedicated servers usually allow the use of VPNs, they can connect the systems just like their private network. Therefore, data syncing is also the same thing, except it only allows some data and files to be transferred directly between all the connected devices, and then to get stored on your server for later use. The major difference between a VPN and data syncing is that a VPN rarely acts as a mediator, while data syncing simply allows the data to be stored on your server. This enables your files to be safely secured in the event of data loss or theft of devices. It could be also used for large file storage.

  • Website hosting:

You will have limited options to choose lesser website hosting plans in shared hosting, but in case of a cheap dedicated server, you can easily do it without any hassle. It offers you more uptime and shows amazing performance in a faster way. Since that server is only dedicated to your business website, so it would have limited data and processes to manage things running in the background, which ultimately allows a high amount of uploading and receiving.

  • Game server hosting:

Dedicated servers look like the best option for gamers. If you want to host multiplayer sessions of all the games you love, this is probably the considerable choice as compared to shared hosting. You can simply customize that dedicated server to fit your game requirements and experience less lagging. The dedicated server would eventually allow all the players to join that game even if you stay offline for long hours; since the host would be autonomous. Another major benefit is, the hardware will be completely maintained by your hosting company. They will be responsible for regular maintenance and 24 hours of monitoring. Your provider will ensure that your server is up & running all the time no matter what. They eliminate all the possibilities of downtime, which is probably the most important consideration for gamers.

Final thoughts:

There are a lot of reasons to switch to a cheap dedicated server. It gets easy to manage the mails and transfer data & files instantly. The server can securely protect the files with a VPN and Data Syncing service. If you are looking to expand your business site, you can simply choose the dedicated server to run an efficient, and fast site for the business.

More importantly, if you are a game developer or fond of playing games and want to compete with your friends, then it’s the best chance to host your favorite games with the help of a cheap dedicated server from a reliable company. You can find countless hosting possibilities with Grid hosting professionals that can help you choose the most suitable server for your business needs. So if you are still feeling confused about making the right decision, consult with the experts and let them know what is more important to your site, so they can better guide you in every regard.



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