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Types of cheap email server for your business communication

What is a cheap email server? What are its types?

With a single click of a mouse, we can easily send emails from one part of the world to another in a couple of seconds. Many people consider this for granted, especially the ones who have the least knowledge and ideas about email communication. Because they don’t give a little thought to how it works and what are its benefits. Well, it’s much easier to understand how a simple snail-mail gets transferred from one point to another. 

But do you know the real strategy behind this? How your email instantly reaches the recipient within a matter of seconds? Well, the answer to these questions usually revolves around an efficient support system called mail servers. Therefore, many small business owners tend to choose a cheap email server for their business needs, so they can manage their business communication more easily & efficiently. 

cheap email server

If you want to know more about the mail servers and its types, let’s consider this guide compiled by the email shop experts in the UK. It can help you learn a lot of technical things ignored by professionals and business owners.

What is a cheap email server?

A mail server is involved in the category of the latest IT equipment that simplifies the process of sending and receiving email. This is an advanced form of communication that happens between customers and business owners. So every email which is passed will undergo several series of mail servers and then it will finally reach your intended recipient. For many people, it seems like a message sent immediately from one PC to another within a few seconds.  

But the fact is, the single email message undergoes a complicated series of transfers that take place at the backend. So without having this complex series of mail servers, a business owner can only send emails to users whose email domain names are matched with your domain name. For example, you can only send a message from paulallen@theemailshop.com to paulallen@theemailshop.com, no other domain name will be entertained without a mail server. That’s the reason, companies choose small business email hosting so they can make this communication process easier and simpler.

Cheap email server- common types

To streamline your email communications, there are different kinds of mail servers. Some of the common types are highlighted below:

  • Web-based email:

To manage the emails personally, many business owners prefer to choose personal email hosting which is managed easily by web-based email servers. This is one of the most common types of mail servers which is used frequently. Because many services host the servers as a web-based email. This helps people to sign in to their email server by using their Internet browser so they can send & receive emails efficiently. It is best for people who travel a lot since it will be easy for them to check their emails from any part of the world as long as they have an internet connection.

  • POP3 email servers:

Post Office Protocol 3 which is commonly called the POP3 mail server is also the commonly used email server, which is usually managed by internet service providers that offer their own email accounts with proper Internet service. These servers can easily store all the incoming emails remotely until you open and access your email client software for your emails. All the messages would be efficiently retrieved from your servers, then transferred to the computer of a user, and finally deleted off to make enough space for your incoming messages.

  • IMAP email servers:

Internet Message Access Protocol which is commonly called IMAP is a simple alternative to the POP3 server. This is generally used by many high-profile business accounts. There are plenty of benefits of IMAP, it enables people to check, preview, and organize all the emails before transferring them from the mail server to the system. The IMAP server is responsible to keep multiple copies of their emails on the server until you decide to delete them.

  • SMTP mail servers:

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is commonly called SMTP servers. They tend to with other email servers in the list which include IMAP and POP3 servers. This server is responsible to handle all the emails which are sent by users from the email clients. Working with these mail servers provides great ease and comfort to business owners which attracts them to choose the best email hosting for small business operations so they can smoothly run everything for the long term.

How the process could be handled?

Today, some business owners choose web-based email clients, which include Gmail and Yahoo. However, these emails need a lot of space, especially when used by businesses. That’s the reason, businesses tend to invest in their private servers. Because they also look for a reliable way to send and receive emails so they invest heavily to set up their own mail servers. 

To manage this efficiently, Microsoft Exchange, Grid hosting, the email shop, and other services provide the best solutions. Their professionals facilitate the overall process behind the scenes. So those people who send or receive messages using their mail servers, will only see the “send” and “receive” parts rather than the technical complexities of backend.

Final thoughts:

So then at the end of this process, the mail server just works like a computer that transmits your files to their already intended destinations. And in this part, the files are basically the email messages. That’s how the server works and is handled by large-scale companies. 

Though, these companies provide a cheap email server at cost-effective rates so you can handle everything efficiently. Companies like the email shop offer several benefits and discounted rate solutions in their plans which are even affordable for startup businesses. If you want to find and explore more options regarding email hosting or their plans, you can also visit their official website and discuss your requirements with the professionals. They will guide you in complete detail and give productive suggestions to improve the overall business communication process.

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