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Why you need a dedicated server UK for an e-commerce site?

Why do people choose dedicated server UK for e-commerce sites?

If you are a business owner, you must know that the level of success & failure of your e-commerce website always depends on the total number of visitors converting daily. Today, more than 90% of customers like to purchase their favorite items from a platform that provides an excellent and winning user-experience. Although marketing tactics also play a vital role in the success of your e-commerce platform yet convenience, credibility, and user-friendliness are the most important aspects.

In a normal routine, your e-commerce platform always experiences a steady flow of traffic. And this is not hectic to manage. However, in the events of special occasions, like Eid, Christmas, Easter, and New Year, you may observe that your e-commerce platform has a great spike in traffic. But you don’t have enough resources to manage that traffic. The e-commerce site is quite different from other standard sites, which don’t need enough resources. These shopping platforms are extremely resource-intensive.

So whether you are planning to choose WooCommerce available with WordPress or Shopify to create your online shopping store, you must need to address the important questions; what is the best platform to launch my online store? Should you choose dedicated server UK or rely on shared hosting?

dedicated server UK


The email shop has highlighted some important reasons to choose dedicated server hosting for your online store. Have a closer look and analyze why this is the best platform for your site.

Dedicated server UK or shared hosting- what’s the best choice?

According to many people, shared hosting is the most affordable option which can easily put all the network resources over the cloud. But, saving a few dollars might cost you a lot in the future, as this hosting type can cause permanent loss of your loyal clients.

Losing business must be the last thing in every business owner’s mind, in my opinion, you must be avoiding to experience that situation.

Shared hosting causes a lot of problems, especially in the e-commerce platform. These servers comprise various hardware and software elements. Hence, when numerous websites launch on the same server, they need to share all the hardware and software elements. Even one website consumes high computing power, and this power consumption is provided by the same machine hosting other websites. However, these problems will not be experienced on cheap dedicated server UK, as these servers are designed to provide extraordinary results with complete control.

VPS hosting vs dedicated server UK:

Besides shared hosting, many people consider VPS as well. This is also the right step for many new businesses. VPS hosting is also similar to a dedicated server but available with fewer features, and probably the most reliable option for e-commerce sites specifically.

Though dedicated hosting is an expensive option than shared hosting, this is also an important driver for your business that draws maximum revenue. It is available with a lot of amazing resources that are crucial for your success. If you have to run an e-commerce site by using different solutions, you will find that switching to a better resource is the best option especially for loading times, maximum traffic load, and bandwidth issues. Using the help of managed dedicated server UK, would increase your business growth and offer more profits and revenue generation. The hosting solution can always impact on how the visitors respond to your site and how they can make purchases.

Do customers really care where the site is hosted?

Now you must be thinking about why customers would be so much concerned about hosting platforms. Well, technically speaking, they don’t care about that. They don’t know who their host is, and what platform is best for their site. However, they can certainly feel a great difference while visiting the site. Let’s check through the stats. How long would you think that the visitor can tolerate waiting for their site to load completely? Eight seconds? Five seconds? Not even 3 seconds. They will just wait for 2 seconds and if they find that the site is unresponsive, then they will find another site for their needs.

dedicated server UK

Online shoppers cannot wait for the site to load properly and display different items of their needs. They just move on to the next site where they think they can have a better and smoother shopping experience. They search for the most competitive site that can provide affordable rates and show a diverse range of products.

According to the latest studies, customers tend to switch to another platform when they find the competitor’s website is faster than the previous one. Now you need to analyze how much a faster website is your exact requirement. It should be less than 250 milliseconds, and this is approximately the length of time you take to blink your eyes. That’s the reason, the best dedicated server hosting UK looks like a great option for delivering an extra fast experience.

Many people also experience shopping cart abandonment and this is probably the real problem than others. This can simply be solved by using a powerful server that is free from all such unnecessary issues. Around 20% of the abandoned carts are the result of slow loading time, which can even cost you hundreds of pounds at the end of the year. When you will reduce the site loading time by mere seconds, you would simply see improved performance and increased sales results.

Where can I buy a dedicated server?

There are lots of companies that offer you a dedicated server UK for your business needs. But you need to find reliable ones that can offer a lot of benefits and features than others, plus also provide discounted deals on all the packages. The email shop is one of the leading companies that can help you a lot with dedicated hosting. They have multiple plans and packages which are available with various awesome features. If you want to know more about their dedicated hosting plans, shared hosting solution, or VPS hosting, you can visit the official website or scroll through their social media pages for more knowledge and understanding.

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