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Domain hosting UK, web, and email hosting comparison

Comparison between domain hosting UK, web, and email hosting

If you are a new business owner and just got introduced into the advanced digital world where you need to develop a website for handsome revenue, then you must be getting overwhelmed with all the technical jargon that is making you more confused. We don’t blame you in this regard. Because the terms of web hosting, domain hosting, and email hosting all sound the same. And yes they are the same to some extent but also different in multiple aspects too. Confused? Okay let’s clear this confusion by comparing domain hosting UK, web hosting and email hosting is easy language so you can understand the importance of each solution for your business.

To minimize this confusion, the email shop experts have compared these three terms which would definitely help you launch your new business with more confidence and trust.

What is domain hosting UK?

We need to start from the basics. The domain name is something that should be clear in every business owner’s mind. Actually, the domain name is a URL or a basic address of your website. It’s the identity of your business on the internet that could be something like this www.theemailshop.com.  You could also refer to this name as DNS or domain name setting. It would allow users to access the site directly with an easy name, instead of using that complicated IP address which features multiple digits and look like this-

Your domain host just acts as a government body. It completely controls all the licenses as well as ownership of the domain name and helps direct where you should find your associated site. Let’s suppose, you have your private Website, so you have to rent space on the internet and your domain is the actual home address.

Do many people wonder what is the best domain hosting site in the UK? The site offers lower costs and has affordable license fees and also separates from website and email hosting service. Well, you will find a lot of reliable businesses that offer Domain Name registration and transfer easily without charging enough money. Now, this simply allows you to choose a domain name without paying for hosting.

However, there are many web hosting companies that consolidate domain hosting, email hosting, and web hosting into one service, because it makes it easy to manage both domain names and website hosting.

So most of the time, depending on your small business needs, you can buy your domain name and then get it hosted by another reliable service. 

When you register your business domain name, it simply secures your internet address and then prevents people from using that specific name on the internet again. It’s something like you are putting your copyright on the business name and you are not allowing anybody else to use that name. So whenever you will search for the answer, what is domain and hosting? You will probably find the same results as both are interconnected and can’t stand without the help of others.

What is web hosting?

Website Hosting is basically a service that helps you store the data and files of your website. For example, if the domain name is the address of your home, then your web hosting is your home.

Your web host doesn’t only store your website’s pages and information, but it makes them available to the internet for every user. For example, www.theemailshop.com is the domain name that is linked to some IP address that points directly to a particular system. Therefore, when people enter your domain name in the search tab, the IP will be located and then your website will be loaded from the web host. 

To simplify it further, if the user is putting its website files on the server of your web host, then the domain host would simply point to the files when someone mentions your URL. This is just like the same way your sim card functions when you insert it into your device. That tiny sim card tells your device to function with that specific number which is particularly assigned to you only.

That’s the reason; people focus on choosing cheap web hosting services so they can help operate the system normally without any disturbance.

What is email hosting?

When we make web hosting comparison, email hosting must be included as it’s also an important part of hosting. So basically an email host refers to a server space where you can host all your emails and data, it simply acts as a big computer that has a large directory. So when people send you an email to @yourbusinessname.com then it directly transfers to the email server where it would be ultimately stored and then can be accessed easily when you connect your device to the internet.

This is much common to the idea of Web Hosting. Because email hosts also need the help of service providers so they can rent out some space and then manage the servers efficiently.

Email Hosting solutions are premium services, which are quite different from free websites such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Because the free services are often available with limited features and benefits which cannot prove helpful for business owners. They need the services that can provide them their own domain name so they can distinguish themselves from others in the market.


Understanding the common differences between domain hosting UK, web hosting, and email hosting may seem overwhelming for common people because they have the least ideas about today’s complex technologies that comprise various difficult terms. Also, when they launch their business, they often feel confused and seek help from professionals. However, I am sure this guide may prove helpful for those people and now they can easily decide which service they need the most for their business. If you are still stuck and couldn’t understand the complexities involved, consult with the email shop professionals as they can guide you in a more detailed manner. You can also visit the official website to get an idea of their domain hosting, web hosting, and email hosting packages.

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