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Email hosting vs Web hosting – What are the differences?

Email hosting and web hosting differs at the fundamental level, as email hosting is all about hosting your emails, and web hosting refers to everything about web hosting. It simply means that both your website as well as email can be possibly hosted on one or two different servers. And each one has multiple advantages and disadvantages which include security, scalability and budget considerations.

Email hosting vs Web hosting

Both web hosting and email hosting are provided by hosting services and considered to be a significant component of running any business. It helps you dictate how you should interact with your clients online. When it comes to choosing reliable hosting services, the email shop providers can simply help you operate in two different ways amazingly. However, both of the hosting solutions need some efficient security measures due to cyber-attacks and other external threats.

Therefore, this leads to a critical question; what is the difference between email hosting and web hosting?

So, the email shop experts have recently highlighted some significant differences that can help you understand the concept of both solutions.

What is email hosting?

Email hosting acts as a server for your emails. Email hosting services simply rent out some servers that can easily handle all the data to receive and send emails.

You must be thinking about free webmail sites for email hosting, which include Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. But this is not the case with professional mail hosting services such as the email shop in the UK.

There is a unique property of email hosting service, through which one can simply rent out the server which does nothing than hosting the emails. Many businesses tend to use this method so they can set up their email addresses using the domain name. Thus, the method is considered to be the best one because it delivers email directly from the server rather than using free webmail solutions such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Instead, users would be simply connected to the registered domain name to the mail servers. The services can use this combination to build unique and easy usernames for email users accessing the server. For instance, the email shop employees can use their unique email address, like ambreen@theemailshop.co.uk. Now the server will host all the emails coming from this email address.

Another significant idea of this email hosting technique is the server. Unlike some free webmail sites which only cater to multiple users at the same time, the email shop will help provide a dedicated server to their users. This simply means it would operate only for a set number of users. And it doesn’t mean that the server is specified for the one account only. The resources will be reserved only for some specific number of servers.

What is web hosting?

On the other hand, when it comes to web hosting, it only publishes your website online using a server. Now, this typically differs from email hosting in a term that it hosts multimedia which can be easily accessed by different viewers who are not part of this domain.

Depending on their server capability, the email shop can simply cater to numerous sites at the same time, and respond to thousands of requests. A request is when somebody tries to access the website hosted in the server using the browser; there are some servers that can only manage a specific number of requests due to their bandwidth limitations. This is usually something that can be assessed with the help of your service provider.

It is possible to host multiple websites using the same server. These are the shared servers which are the basic units given by your web hosting provider. So, when the client’s traffic or the number of requests will significantly grow, users can manage to upgrade to their servers which have some improved bandwidth or choose dedicated servers that host their website only. Dedicated servers are the best choice if the client’s site is ending up using a great number of data storage.

Well, there are lots of reliable web hosting services out there, here we have enlisted some top solutions that can remarkably increase the recognition of your business.

  • The email shop
  • Grid hosting
  • Hostgator
  • GoDaddy
  • InMotion hosting

Should we both host in one server?

If you are a business owner and looking for both email and web hosting, you must be wondering what if you host both solutions in one server?

This is much useful, as both of the hosting solutions rely on one server to manage great storage of content sent, received and gathered by the company. This is useful because it must be kept in a digital database along with different security measures and data backup solutions. Some companies are also relying on retaining their private servers, it’s just because their servers can work faster and more efficiently without having the risks or threats of losing confidential data.

Most of the companies consider various options that include whether to keep or separate their email and web hosting methods.  Some companies choose to keep both the methods together in one server and then try to consolidate both services under the same package.


By considering the entire article, how do you analyze the major differences between both email hosting and web hosting?

Ultimately, both the methods could be hosted on the same servers and correlate to the content type which is being shared. Email hosting is generally focused on email traffic among their subscribers as well as different companies. Meanwhile, with web hosting, you can offer content online on the website.

Today, there are lots of modern innovations that arise in online hosting that have led to different attractive package details which may contain multiple features of email and web hosting methods. This helps companies to achieve numerous benefits of both the methods by using the same server.

However, when you separate the server, or host both the methods on different servers, you need to put more efforts and you will require more data space for hosting the data efficiently. That’s the reason, considering the suggestions of the email shop experts can help you make the right decision according to your budget and business needs.

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