What should you consider for free domain transfer?

What to know before choosing a free domain transfer?

Transferring your domain from one registrar to another is a quite hectic thing that can take a lot of time, effort, and money. Business owners have proper domain names that they need to use for staying operational during this transfer and they also want to ensure that their domain names are safe to use for long. That’s the reason, many companies offer free domain transfer solutions so the businesses can run effectively by having a proper operational setup. The email shop provides the services of secure domain registration and transfer that proves effective in the long run. The company has put together a helpful guide to streamline the process for business owners.

What is a free domain transfer?

A free domain transfer process involves changing the registrar that has provided you a domain name for your business. Once you successfully process this transfer, your new registrar will be responsible to maintain all the records and relevant information regarding the domain. This process is called free domain name transfer and renewal as you are changing the name and renewing the old one.


The thing to know before choosing free domain transfer:

  • When you are transferring a domain, all the name servers for this domain will never be changed. Now, this is a good element if the domain is hosted by a reliable DNS service you are using. And now on the other hand, if you are relying on the name of your registrar, (for example, the email shop) then you need to immediately shift to your trustable DNS name servers before starting the whole transfer process. Because the services will possibly turn off all the DNS records and details either during this overall process or sometimes after the transfer ends.
  • The domain name must be 60 days old as well as do not undergo the process of transfer in the last 60 days.
  • The domain name must be unlocked before you are starting your overall domain transfer process.
  • There are different reliable registrars like the email shop that demands you to remove the WHOIS privacy undergoing the process of the domain transfer.
  • For most of the domains today, you must need a valid authorization code from the present registrar and then you need to submit this with the domain.

Free domain transfer with the email shop:

If you are starting a cheap domain transfer process with the email shop, the first element you need to consider is your present Whois for your admin contact email address linked with the domain name. The company also looks for the registrant email ID. And if these two email IDs are different then each ID will be receiving a proper authorization email. This email will be sent from the info@transfer-approval.com and it will have all the details that explain the overall transfer process. The email will also include a proper link that you need to click so you can continue with the transfer procedure.

Once you will authorize your transfer request, the professionals will be successfully able to manage the transfer request to the registry. Now at this phase, your present domain registrar will have only 6 days to respond to your transfer request. During these days, they may approve or decline the transfer or even do nothing. And at the end of 6 days, if they have not done anything, then the whole transfer process will be completed automatically.

Reasons to face rejection from your current domain registrar:

Your current domain registrar may reject your transfer request on the basis of these elements:

  • Having fraud evidence
  • UDRP action
  • Have a court order
  • Any dispute over the identity of admin contact
  • No payment received for the last registration process. In this case, the process will be under ‘registrar hold’
  • If the domain is in lock status
  • If the domain name is in the first 60 days of initiation
  • If the domain is already in the first 60 days of being transferred

When the domain transfer process completes successfully, your domain name will be automatically extended to the minimum allowed registration time, and this is 12 months for most domains. Since your domain is now extended, you will not be able to lose any more time left on the domain registration process. This extension will be simply included in the transfer charges for your domain.

After that, your domain will start showing up in the account as registered. And then you receive an alert or notification that your transfer is completed successfully, and we have billed the credit details for the total amount charged.

You may receive an email that indicates that your overall transfer is completed. Now there may be a small-time period between when the transfer ends and when it starts appearing on your current account as registered. And the previous domain will no longer be showing in the old registrar’s list. That’s one good reason why it’s best to set up the DNS before planning a domain transfer on switching to the name servers of the email shop.

In the event of a failed domain transfer process due to any reason, the company will never charge you any fee, and you will immediately receive a notification email which indicates that your domain transfer has failed along with a proper explanation. Once you receive this email, you will be able to make certain changes or do anything for a successful transfer.

Bottom line:

Well, the free domain transfer process is not as difficult as it sounds, especially the technical details involved may seem overwhelming sometimes and the user gets more confused and worried. But when you choose the email shop for domain transfer processes, you will find easy articles, and guidelines through the knowledge base. Other than that, you can also get in touch with the professionals personally who can help you a lot in making the process easy and simple. You can also visit the official website for more details, and get a free quote to receive instant support.

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