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Server colocation services: Comparison in cloud and colocation

Server colocation services | Guide About the Colocation

Server colocation services are among the popular hosting service. A lot of organizations rely on their network infrastructure. The organizations are spread all over the internet delivering their products and services online. The companies are marketing their products online. To do such a things organization have their approach.

Some have bought different hosting; others have created their in-house network infrastructure. The email shop has provided you with different hosting facilities, including cohosting service in which you can rent the racks in the managed environment.

What is Colocation hosting?

It is the hosting provider’s service in which you rent racks in the managed environment to put your servers in them. If you have an in-house infrastructure then probably you are facing the problems like power, cooling etc.

The servers are super-computers, and they required a lot of power. Giving that much power is very difficult in a private environment.

Since the service needs a lot of power, obviously it will generate a lot of heat. If the temperature of any electronic device exceeds its limit, then it will not work properly. And if the temperature exceeds a certain limit, your device will be useless.

Server colocation services

Proving a cooling environment to the servers is complex as well as expensive. Colocation hosting allows you to rent the racks and shift your servers into their environment.

They have managed and efficiently distributed power system for the servers. To keep all the device at their optimum temperature, multiple types of cooling systems are used.

Guide About the Colocation Pricing:

Suppose you are willing to shift your network infrastructure using colocation hosting. Then you should know how pricing is done in the colocation hosting.

  1. Power and cooling requirement:

The requirement of power and cooling systems for the servers have a large portion in making the cost. The cost for power is measured in different ways like kilowatts, in the metered circuit, by the designed circuit. The price is based upon power usage effectiveness. The more efficiently your server is getting the power, the less power loss will occur. So, you pay for only the power you are using.

Colocation data center pricing is generally the same for everyone, but if you wanted to have cabinet deployment and server management, then it can be more expensive. A few hosting providers give latest cooling methods like liquid cooling or raised floor. These methods lower down the cost of cooling.

 In many cases, the clients using the colocation service power requirement increases. So, you must choose the data center that can fulfil your power requirement.

  1. Space of the racks:

Your servers are shifted in the racks. Colocation pricing is generally based on the number of racks you used. It is also measured in square footage. The space your resources take is measured in square foot.  The racks have a 4U standard size of cabinets. But you can also have customizable racks that suit your server. Pricing alters corresponding to the specification of the cabinet.

In colocation, the price offered is not only based on cabinets. You can buy the full racks. Generally, full racks provide more suitable and efficient for the clients.

  1. Location:

The cost of colocation is significantly affected by the region. Just like real estate values. Suppose you select the Northeast region and on the west coast which are major tires in the market. Your Colo cost will be usually higher if you choose small markets in the middle east or south.

The price of hosting is generally less. So, your company will be capable of selecting an efficient hosting facility depending upon its needs.

Server colocation near me also plays a role in reducing the latency rate. The time required by the data packet to move from one place to another is called latency. This will give positive feedback to your customer as he can use the site smoothly.

An organization should know their need for applications and service before selecting the location of the data centre. Some organizations prefer only storage and data usage. Then selecting an unurbanized area is efficient for them. But if your company can not afford even a millisecond lag, you should go for the significant region tiers.

Colocatiovs Vs. Cloud Hosting:

  • Cloud hosting is having all the facilities of a private server but in the virtualization.
  • In cloud hosting, you can put all your data and applications into the virtual server that will act like you are using the physical server.
  • This free you from buying the expensive hardware and maintaining it.
  • The servers and other network infrastructures are quite costly, and they also require IT, professionals, to look after the maintenance of them.
  • When you shift your data to the cloud, your IT departments load decreases, and they can focus on other priorities.

In colocation vs cloud, the cloud is cost-effective as it prevents you from the first big-time investment. But on the other hand, if you want better security than colocation is best for you. Even though cloud service is made entirely secure, but as you are using virtualized server, there is a chance that your data can have the effect of other user’s data.


Server colocation services provide better control and efficient use of servers. You are free from giving the server managed power and cooling systems. Physical access to your servers is entirely secure. If you have in-house network infrastructure and looking for a managed place,  The email shop has multiple colocation hosting plans. So that you can use your servers efficiently. The servers are dedicated only to you not to have to worry about the security issue.

I hope this article provides all the information you were looking for the colocation service. Feel free to give us feedback in the comment section.

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