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The UK based Email providers for dedicated hosting

As everyone knows that, website hosting is specifically designed for hosting your websites on a special server, and while you have an opportunity to host your emails through the web hosting company, not looks like an ideal choice. The reason is your emails and business sites have various requirements, you cannot choose the same hosting for managing all the needs. That’s the reason when it comes to choosing the right email hosting, you need to consider the best UK based email providers that can help you make a wise decision for your business requirements.

Sometimes email hosting is also included in your web hosting packages, they can do the job perfectly if you want to get the solutions up & run quickly. However, with the passage of time, you will realize that email communications are affecting a bit, and you need something more specified for your business than you are actually getting from the web hosting service. To overcome this thing, the email shop comes with a solution that suggests you to choose dedicated email hosting for your business for managing everything efficiently.

uk based email providers

Here we have highlighted some significant reasons why it’s recommended to consider dedicated services:

Easy account management with UK based email providers:

By considering the best-paid email service in the UK, it’s possible to quickly set up and manage hundreds of email accounts for your business needs. By having access to those email accounts, you and your employees can communicate smoothly without experiencing any downtime.

 Cloud facility with UK based email providers:

Another amazing advantage that comes with business email service providers in the UK is, all your emails would be efficiently stored in the cloud, and would never utilize any space on your web hosting. You would have the opportunity to access your emails from any part of the world, and can also synchronize them across various devices including smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets. Moreover, with cloud storage, your emails would be safe and protected as compared to a traditional hosting solution. You can enjoy guaranteed security through which your confidential and sensitive email data would not be accessed by any third party user.

Different tools of collaboration:

By considering professional services for your business, you can simply receive additional collaboration tools and software that would be perfect to maintain easy communication among your clients and employees. When you will have access to these tools, you would also have the capability of doing video calls to any part of the world, you can easily use shared documents, access calendars and participate in live chats. These facilities are only available when you consider dedicated email hosting, as there would be a specific service dedicated to your email needs only. In the case of choosing web hosting services for your emails, you may not be able to enjoy extended features and tools.

Maximum reliability with dedicated email services:

Most of the reliable email hosting companies guarantee 99.9% uptime. They can successfully manage this level of efficient availability through exceptional cloud servers that are equipped with cutting-edge technologies. It basically means that, if your site goes does, the email services would not be affected because you have chosen a different dedicated service for this solution, hence you will be able to conduct your operations normally. Make sure if the services are reluctant to offer maximum uptime, then it’s time to consider other reliable solutions because your email communication shouldn’t be disturb while experiencing downtime issues.

Efficient security- your most important need

Every business owner is concerned about perpetual security solutions for their business so they can easily run the operations without any security breaches. That’s the reason, most people search what are the main email providers in the UK that can provide the most reliable security solutions. Hence, they can fulfill their needs by choosing dedicated email hosting that offers unique abilities to back up their email data and offer to provide strong protection against viruses and spams. Moreover, they implement advanced security measures that can protect your confidential email data from hackers and attackers.

Which is the best email provider 2020?

Now must be looking for the most popular email providers in the UK that can offer all the above-mentioned benefits. Well, you have plenty of choices to consider today. But to make the best decision for your small business, it’s recommended to consider two services:

  • The email shop: For robust dedicated email services, the email shop is the best option to consider. They guarantee maximum uptime, stringent security, multiple email accounts, secure cloud hosting, and several amazing features that are not offered by other standard services in the UK. The services offer excellent integration of various amazing tools and software that run your business smoothly without any downtime. They offer discounted rates on all the email hosting packages with 45-day money-back guarantees.
  • Grid hosting: Another popular email hosting service is Grid hosting. You can find a scalable, flexible, and reliable package for your small and large businesses. The services offer 99.9% uptime and network guarantees with the flexibility of using multiple email accounts. Their discounted packages are the most attractive elements for most of the users today. With email hosting, you can also consider advanced web hosting solutions for managing your operations efficiently.

So when it comes to choosing reliable UK based email providers for your business needs, it’s suggested to consult with the above-mentioned service providers as they are leading services in the UK and offering scalable solutions according to your requirements. If you feel stuck somewhere, you can also consider the above benefits that come with dedicated email hosting and offering much more than any free email service provider. To make the best decision for your business, let the email shop experts guide in a more detailed manner and suggest something reliable that fits your needs and offers long term benefits. The company offers guaranteed results and matchless services that provide ease and comfort to manage things smoothly and easily.


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