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Why choose UK Window hosting?

Reasons to choose Window hosting UK

UK Window hosting is popular for its excellent compatibility with Microsoft ASP.NET and MSSQL along with PHP and MySQL. This platform is righteous for you if you are planning to use Microsoft application. Moreover, an excellent choice to develop your website in Microsoft FrontPage. The Email Shop provides you 99.9 percent uptime dedicated windows server hosting UK.

uk windows hosting

Reasons to choose Window hosting UK

Often we hear UK Window hosting is expensive but do you know what kind of benefits it brings in that amount? The high-level security, smooth integration, and application compatibility deserves those extra pounds. Also, you get the most flexible asp.net and MySQL database windows hosting plans UK.

Moreover, single-purpose management provided by windows web hosting UK the most popular feature. The advantages do not stop here. Let’s discuss them in detail;

  • User-Friendly:

It is operated in the world’s most famous Operating System i.e., Microsoft Windows. The Graphical User Interface(GUI) is the main reason behind this OS popularity. This gives the advantage of user-friendly interface to the UK Window hosting.

Most of the servers use windows 7 or the latest one i.e., windows 10. Even a non-tech person can easily understand what to do.

When it comes to using DNS Linux hosting you need to learn some commands but for the DNS windows hosting you only need to operate it as your normal desktop computer. Moreover, as compare to Linux hosting, you get an intuitive setup guide.

The GUI and interactive page usage is the main reason behind the popularity of UK windows web hosting.

  • Compatible Along Scripting Languages like ASP.NET, Visual Basic and C#:

the benefit of using the renowned brand Microsoft is compatible with the Microsoft developed applications and frameworks. This makes it highly flexible with different platforms.

Despite other platforms, we recommend using UK Window hosting with Microsoft applications like Apache server, MySQL, and Visual Basic.

Furthermore, to develop responsive and scalable websites in the ASP.NET you need to use window hosting services. In fact, you will get a free version of Visual Studio.

Thus, windows are offering almost all of the features of Linux hosting along with some extra features. Making windows server hosting UK a versatile platform.

  • High-Level Security:

When it comes to choosing the hosting services, security is a major concern. Sharp practices have evolved from past decades. Hackers and scammers are always trying to find backdoors to steal your valuable data.

UK Window hosting is minimizing the risk of vulnerabilities by providing additional layers of security like firewall, SSL/TLS security protocols., and Antiviruses.

This provides end-to-end encryption from your website visitor browser, back to your server. The best practice to give access to only confidential people. Create IP based restrictions and always use stronger passwords.

  • Scalable and Reliable:

As UK Window hosting is developed by the most stable and reliable platform Microsoft, you can expect scalability and reliability. The servers are extremely adaptable. Thus, the risk of server down becomes very low.

There is a myth that windows server hosting UK is restricted to only Microsoft applications. But, yes we can say it more reliable to use when it comes to Asp.net and MySQL database windows hosting plans UK.

You get excellent load tolerance and fast website loading. Which is essential to boost up your online business performance.

To choose the type of hosting services highly depends on your technological priority. We will recommend you to use Linux hosting if you want to start up a blog within WordPress phpBB. But when it comes to using Apache or other Microsoft technology then surely windows hosting uk is the right answer.

  • FrontPage Extension:

The UK Window hosting provides the best FrontPage extensions. The FrontPage extensions are advanced software to provide users a communication platform with the web servers. Likewise, these extensions are loaded with some extra features.

consequently, a more efficient website than your average site. More importantly, the front page is it allows a novice user to make desired changes or to add functionalities on their website.

  • Frequent and Easy Updates

Just like your computer window you will get frequent updates to keep up with latest technologies. Computer technology and networking is the kind of field that changes strategies and techniques every 6 months.

Innovations are made now and then and so does the sharp practices evolve. Ensure your web server is protected by the latest security layers. Or get the tools and techniques to optimize your content. Moreover, use new kinds of themes and fonts. You will be notified now and then to update your software and get the perks of advanced technology.

Even though you face any kind of problem you are always back up by world-leading company UK windows web hosting support team. Thus, making it better than any other open-source platform.

Reasons UK Window hosting is getting popular

Typically, there are two types of window hosting. One is UK Window hosting and the other is Linux hosting. Despite having some differences both work with VPS hosting or with the dedicated servers. As a matter of fact, an end-user cannot tell which type of hosting service is being used but if you keep a deep look your site performance speaks for itself.

The reason Window Hosting is getting popularity are:

  • Unlimited access to domains, email and disk space.

  • 99.9% uptime deliverance.

  • 24/7 tech support.

  • Compatible with cPanel, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and Python.

  • Comes with a free domain name and much more.

End of line

The UK Window hosting is a user-friendly platform to develop scalable, reliable, and responsive websites. The GUI and FrontPage technology is its front runners. Also, its excellent compatibility with cPanel, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and Python makes it the first runner up when choosing a hosting service for your online business.

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