The Email Shop: The Top Ten Ways that Cloud Computing Can Benefit You (and Your Business)

Cloud Computing Benefits

The Email Shop: The Top Ten Ways that Cloud Computing Can Benefit You (and Your Business)

As a business owner, you’re constantly trying to balance growing your business with efforts to implement fresh, innovative ideas that can best benefit your business, make your life easier, and allow your company to run smoother and more efficiently.

Suffice it to say, that’s often much easier said than done.

Except for one aspect of your business. Your cloud computing services.

If you’re working with the right company for your cloud computing needs, your business life can be instrumentally simplified, your business can prosper, and you can rest easy knowing things are functioning to max capacity.

But how can you tell if the cloud computing service you’re looking to work with is right for you? How are you able to make sure that you’re working with s doing everything it can to make your life, and business, better?

We’ve laid out the top ten ways that your cloud computing service can benefit you –we can promise that The Email Shop offers you ever last one of them.

Check them out below!

Reduces Hardware Costs

You’re running a business, so of course you’re going to look for cost-savers at every turn. By investing with The Email Shop, you can count on reduction of hardware costs by up to 15.07 percent (that’s the average reduction we’ve math-ed out). Tack that on to all the administrative costs you’ll likely save (think paper, pens, etc.) and that adds up to a bundle of cash!

Takes the Hassle out of Collaboration

Remember the last time you were emailing back and forth with a partner, employee, or customer? Remember how chaotic and awful it was? Remember how no one could open the files sent every which way? Of course you remember, because it was a nightmare. With The Email Shop, you can increase your process efficiency by over 18 percent – that makes it easier than ever to collaborate and get things done.

Let’s You Work from Anywhere (Your Employees, too!)

This is potentially one of the greatest perks of all – you’re not tied to the office! Need a file on your day off? Sure you do, you work-a-holic. Just log into your cloud. Working from home because you need a laid-back day? You don’t have to miss out on getting things done – just sign on and get to work. Everything you need is on the cloud, after all!

Greater Protection, Better Security Measures

Keeping files on your computer (or in file cabinets, for that matter) isn’t just old-school, it’s unsafe. Your files need to be password protected and have an extra layer (or two) of security. The Email Shop can give you that.

Helps to Protect the Environment

This is a huge boon to all businesses out there trying to make a place for themselves in the modern world. Not only is it beneficial for the environment to cut back on paper waste and recycle those plastic hard drives (hello, tinier carbon footprint), it’s also a huge draw to your business if consumers or customers realize that environmental values matter to you.

Keeps You Tech-Savvy and Relevant

In a technology-driven world that’s constantly updating, the Email Shop can help you remain future-proof, keep you up-to-speed, and ensure that you’re staying relevant.

Grows Your Company

Think about all the time you spend on administrative work on your average work day? How about the headache-ridden hours you’ve spent trying to save something or share something correctly? Do we need to even get back into the details of that collaboration nightmare we were talking about earlier? With the Email Shop, you can increase your growth by an average of 19.63 percent because you’ll be better able to focus on what matters – your company’s development.

Give You Flexible Space

The last time you checked your storage device, was the light blinking at you to alert you to your inevitable approach to your limited space? Of course it was, because as a growing business who always needs more room, you’re going to use up devices with restrictions. The Email Shop allows you to scale up your cloud capacity as needed to meet your specified needs!

Reduces IT Costs

We don’t even need to say anything other than yes, cloud computing can reduce your IT maintenance costs by 16.76 percent (on average). As a business owner, you know saving money (no matter where) matters.

Simplifies Disaster Recovery

If you’ve ever sat down with a cup of coffee in the morning, clicked on your computer to look at your files, and realized, mouth open and eyes wide with horror, that your computer has crashed, then you can truly understand just how valuable back-up solutions are. The Email Shop has cloud-based back-up solutions that are affordable and reliable that will help prevent and protect you from ever dealing with a disastrous situation.

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