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UK Domain Registrar

domain transfer ukGrid Hosting Ltd. is a .uk domain registrar for over 10 years and we are offering low cost domain registration, renewal and domain transfer UK services to our customer with a facility of full advance domain management. You can easily register a low cost business domains or a personal domains or transfer a domain in or out with one click, Options to renew domains for one or multiple years.

Secure control panel of the domain offers many features such as to modify or setup an A records or sub domains, MX records for email domains, SPF/TEXT records or SRV records and much more to manage all aspects of domain name.


How can I transfer my existing domain name to TheEmailShop.co.uk?

If you already have a domain name and want to take advantage of one of The Email Shop’s hosting plans then transfer your domain name to us for free with .UK domain extensions with our web hosting package or email hosting package.

There are two kinds of domain name transfer, Full Transfer (Change of Registrar) and Partial Transfer (Update name servers).

Full Domain Transfer (Change of Registrar)

Transfer of .UK Domain Names 
To fully free transfer of .UK domain names to us you need to instruct the current domain’s service provider to release the domain i.e. change the domain’s registrar Tag to “GRID”. This change will bring domain’s management under our system, hence domain is fully transfered and complete management of the domain such as future renewals and any DNS changes can be carried out through our control panel.

This change only is a matter of one click so it shouldn’t take long for domain to move from one registrars management to other.

Transfer of .gTLD Domains (International domain names) 
gTLDs ‘generic Top Level Domains’ such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz
Generally we offer free domain transfer-in of international domain but in some cases there will be a small one off administrative fee, please process the order and cost will appear for the transfer if required.

The following conditions must be met before a gTLD domain name can be transferred to us:

  • Provide us domains’ EPP authorization code form current service provider.
  • The domain name must have been registered for more than 60 days.
  • Domain name must be unlock to transfer to us.
  • The current admin contact for the domain name must be able to confirm the transfer.
  • The domain name must not be ‘on hold’ for any reason with the current registrar.
  • The domain name must be at least 40 days from its renewal date.
  • Admin contact of the domain name must be available to authorise the transfer email request
  • Full transfer of international domains may take up to a week

Partial Domain Transfer (Update Name Servers)

Applicable for All Domains
Start with partial Domain transfer i.e. update domain’s DNS servers to the given below and make use of great web hosting offers of The Email Shop. With this option domain’s registrar will stays the same, still be responsible for renewals etc. There will no performance degredation bu opting in for this option and it works perfectly as normal.


Partial Domain Transfer is free for all domains (all internation as well as domain with .uk extention), In some cases our order system charge fee for partial domain transfer, we will refund this amount to you as soon as we receive the order. Provide us with an alternate email address to temporarily communicate with you if your email address is part of the domain name you are processing to transfer.


Having confidence on our trusted services we offer 45 days money back guarantee.


Services have been optimised with all possible redundancies hence guaranteed uptime.

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