Web Hosting Provider

Web Hosting Provider

The Email Shop (Grid Hosting Ltd) is a leading web hosting provider offering wide range of hosted services. A group of internet application experts providing some of the most advanced and affordable hosting solutions. The Email Shop helps to establish a successful and secure internet presence to the clients by setting high standards in website hosting, domain registration and UK email hosting service.

Most Affordable Hosting Solutions

We aim to make it simpler to get more affordable hosting solutions for business websites to host email and to register domain as quickly and easily as possible with our professional setup. we understand that speed to market is vital and are committed to help through every step in launch of a web presence.


Our servers are located in UK ISO certified data centre to provide best possible web hosting UK and email domain hosting, experienced staff is open to support through every step from guidence in deciding the correct package to setup and sucessful running of a hosting operation.

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Featured Hosting Services

Secure Website Hosting                                          Hosted Exchange Solutions


Domain Registrar                                                      Specialized Email Hosting


UK Data Centre                                                          Search Engine Optimisation


Having confidence on our trusted services we offer 30 days money back guarantee.


Services have been optimised with all possible redundancies hence guaranteed uptime.

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We would be delighted to help, feel free to contact our technical team at any time.

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