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Our Email Hosting plans are designed with the you in mind. Whether you want to use personally or for business whether small or large we have you totally covered. We proud ourselves to provide the services with highest level of speed, security, stability, redundancy and privacy. No long term contracts and if you desire to enhance the package it can simply be done by you in minutes.


If you have any query regarding the E-mail package that is best suited to your needs, please feel free to Contact Us !!


Our UK Based state of the art and secure data centers are providing the best services since 2005.  All services are backed by our 99.9% Uptime Commitment so you know you can expect super-reliable performance.


Still have some questions? Just ask our 24/7/365 Support Team. Always available to help.

  • Email Essentials

  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 0.45 month
  • £0.90 50% OFF
    For 12 months

    • Domain-based email (i.e. my-name@myname.com)
    • Premium Secure Email Servers
    • Storage for email, contacts and calendars 1000 MB
    • No Of Accounts 5
    • Email archiving
    Best Value

  • Email Plus

  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 0.71 month
  • £1.43 50% OFF
    For 12 months

    • Domain-based email (i.e. my-name@myname.com)
    • Premium Secure Email Servers
    • Storage for email, contacts and calendars 10000 MB
    • No Of Accounts 100
    Top Seller

  • Business Premium

  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 1.18 month
  • £2.37 50% OFF
    For 12 months

    • Domain-based email (i.e. my-name@myname.com)
    • Premium Secure Email Servers
    • Storage for email, contacts and calendars 25 GB
    • No Of Accounts unlimited

Best Features of our Secure Email Hosting

Our business-class email hosting packages are especially designed, quick to set up, easy-to-use and equipped with everything you need for effective, secure communication, all in one location. Upgrading to a personalized or business email address will make you or your business appear as more professional and trustworthy.

Stand out with a personal address

Its your own personalized web address? With Email Hosting from TheEmailShop.co.uk, you can create personalized addresses to show clients you're trustworthy and professional. Start by using an existing domain or by registering a new one (yourname@yourcompany.com).

Sync across all devices

Automatically keep your emails synced at all times, whether working on your PC or mobile device. Download the latest Office apps for iPhone or Android for an even more streamlined experience.

Stay Protected & Exclusive

Built-in spam and virus protection keeps you safe from online threats and reduces your vulnerability. As a special inclusion, you can wave a final goodbye to junk mail.

Store and send all your stuff

With an expandable 5-25GB on 123 Reg Email Hosting packages and 50GB for our Office 365 packages, you've got room to store everything you need. You'll also be able to send huge attachments - up to 50 MB!

Manage everything together

Get organised and stay productive with a comprehensive webmail solution. Answer emails, queue up tasks, create calendar events and organise your digital life all-in-one convenient location – a cost-effective solution for any type of business.

Access emails from anywhere

Instantly connect and manage your fully synced email account from any online device - stay up-to-date, anytime, anywhere.

Use your email client of choice

Want to use Outlook, MacMail or Thunderbird? We are compatible with all email clients, so you can choose the ones that work best for your business.

Say Bye to ``Spam & Virus``

Misspelling email addresses is a common problem. Our packages give you the option of creating catch-all aliases. This means any emails sent to an address for your domain that does not exist can be captured so you will never miss any messages ever again.

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What is Email Hosting?

It’s your very own personalized web address. Every person or a business desire to have the most prominent home address similarly in the www world it’s your unique identity.

Email hosting gives you a branded ‘you@yourdomain. yourdomainextension’ email address for contact with your family, friends, partners and customers etc.

Get your email or business email solution with our tailored cheap email hosting packages. Our affordable email hosting service gives a flexible access to your emails on any device from anywhere in the world. Our no contract policy, makes it easy to go a level above or down while keeping your expenses in check.

Choose the plan according to your needs for your private email address or business email address  on our secure cloud email hosting solutions.

Order a new or transfer existing business email domain hosting for the use of our best email hosting services.

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SSL Certificates & E-Mail Encryption

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates is a technology widely used to secure communication between a visitor’s web browser and your website, it is small file that digitally bind a cryptographic key with the details of an organization using ssl certificate. It converts http:// web protocal on communication port 80 to https protocol over port 443.


SSL is used to secure data transfer, customers’ login and data on interactive websites, credit card transactions. When it is installed on a website or a web server, https:// appears in green and it activates the padlock on the browser that allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

L5 & CSS3 Styles.

Website Builder & DIY Websites

The Email Shop offers website builder for professional website design which includes many top features such as huge collection of responsive themes to choose from library or import your own templates hence website is fully compatible with all web browers as well as equally good to view of medium to small screen devices. No experience required to build a very nice business, community or personal website in virtually minutes.


DIY websites with a feature packed design builder provided by The Email Shop with its website email hosting plans. Some of the many following features are part of the package, SEO & Web Master Tools, Block Management, it supports image slider and fully support latest technology of HTML5 & CSS3 Styles.

free website builder UK


What is Email Hosting

An Email Hosting is to keep personal or business emails on a server to use, Email domain can be hosted with or without website. Our specialised hosting services provide peace of mind to the users to use professional email hosting solutions.

How it is a secure Email Hosting

We host our servers in ISO certified data centre in UK, remote connection to all the servers are protected through the latest SSL/TLS technologies for all different types of communications, such as cPanel access to manage the secure email hosting account or connection to the webmail as well as connection from outlook to your mailbox on the server.

Can I Increase the Size of the Mailbox?

You can upgrade or downgrade email hosting package as you wish and according to the requirements as well as you can adjust the size of the single mailbox within the hosting control panel. Size of single email account can be as bigger as the total size of allocated disk space to the package you have purchased.

Can i use Email Hosting Service w/o transferring the website?

Absolutely you can, since we sepcialised in professional email hosting services many individuals and businesses only transfer their emails for the use of our hosted email solustions. You can just change the MX records for email though the exsiting control panel to our given IP address for the use of our cheap hosting services.

What is autodiscover?

Autodiscover is a technology which helps in setting setup an email account on a PC or on a mobile device etc. with the use of your email address/ password, without having to type incoming and outgoing email server address and using rest of the manual configuration options.


Having confidence on our trusted services we offer 45 days money back guarantee.


Services have been optimised with all possible redundancies hence guaranteed uptime.

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